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to finds a gunman killing three people outside of a warehouse party. kraig debro joins us with what happened and what we are learning about the young victims, kraig debro. >> reporter: we are trying to talk to police this morning it all happened early sunday morning at a party at warehouse right after that party ended as a matter of fact. the warehouse is located in the industrial section of town but police say the organizers of the party did not have a permit but they may not have needed one. police say it was promoted on the web and 150 people were leaving when gunfire erupted. police say it was about 1:20 a.m. and the parties to the door of the -- the doors to the warehouse were even locked. >> that is when the victims were approached by two one men on -- two gunmen on foot and shot multiple rounds at the victims and they fled in an unknown direction. >> reporter: a 19-year-old girl had been admitted to the state university had died. and another girl was also killed, three others were wounded and conditions were not known but they tell us whether or not they are looking into whet
salon. they have remodeled. will they be able to use them because this new law makes california the first step to ban minors from using tanning beds. nearly 28 million people use tanning beds in the us each year. researchers say those who used tanning beds before the age of 20 double their risk of developing melanoma, melanoma being the number one cancer killer of young women between 21 and 30. >> i'm all about preserving your skin and being healthy from the start. so i'm actually, i support the law definitely. >> reporter: the golden state had previously banned minors under the age of 14 but allowed those between 14 and 18 to use the beds if the parents said it was okay. we are going to talk to tanning bed salon owners and see what they think of the new law. would you believe that avid tanning is more popular in affluent areas particularly in southern california where there are more tanning salons than starbucks coffee shops. >>> the first vote on president obama's job bill can come in the senate tomorrow. at 6:15 we'll have a live report with why president obama says milliona
protesters do not want us inside their camp. >> mitt romney, you hired illegals. >> which candidates scored some points in the republican debate. >>> and a speed bump for president barack obama's bus tour, the items stolen from his bus. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news... >>> well,good morning to you welcome to wednesday, it is october 19th, i am dave clark. we begin with breaking news in san francisco, a huge crash involving a burning truck and several cars causing big delays on highway 101, even the bay bridge, sal has details on what is happening right now. >>> this is breaking news in san francisco, as we are getting more daylight, we are seeing 101 is shut down and it is still shut down this crash occurred just before 5:00 a.m. where a truck overturned and collided with several other vehicles and burst into flames. i want to show you a picture from one of our crews on the freeway, this is southbound 101 completely shut down, and that's the command post there, fire crews are attended people who are injured and it looks like one of the persons who are involved. a lot of police officers i
. >>> that continuing search for the gunman in that deadly shooting yesterday, tara moriarty is back now to tell us what is going on this morning, tara? >> reporter: well nobody has seen sharif rollman who tried to carjack a woman -- rollman, who tried to carjack a woman and they believe he somehow managed to escape the area. >> we are fairly confident he is not in this area we have searched. >> reporter: they are waiting to see if their loved ones survived the shooting rampage. sharif olman opened fire at a safety meeting killing three co- workers and injuring six others. a local cable show he used to host and he had been upset about switching to the graveyard shift recently and had been in trouble for several safety violations. they uncovered four weapons but say he is still armed and dangerous. they are supposed to be contacting us on the latest search efforts, time now 6:02 tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the people killed in that shooting rampage, 51-year-old john robert from san jose and 58-year-old mark nunez also from san jose. >>> despite that shooting classes will be held in the area. a
of people have been woken up by the earthquake, a lot of people woke up and started calling us immediately. it may even be a better commute because the commute may even be more spread out. that traffic is looking good heading to the south bay and at 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> they have scrapped the encampment at least for now. claudine wong is at justin herman plaza and has more from -- more reaction from protesters. >> reporter: we had hundreds of people packed into this area and people are now headed back to their tents and the big gathering dissipated as soon as we heard the raid would not happen. several were excited that was the case and although we know this occupied movement is one for the long-term so we don't think the chance of a raid is over, but they felt it would happen overnight. they were concerned about the health concerns that led to this raid and two days ago, the police chief said we have to come in there because they said it was not sanitary, it was a hazard down there and we want to talk about that and the raid that never happened. >> i think it is an excuse a
continues. . >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic, here is steve. >>> some low clouds, once it burns off, it will be sunny breezy. >>> coming around the berkeley curve no major problems and also northbound 101 that traffic is fine getting into the downtown area. now let's go back to the desk. >>> time now 6:01 still following breaking news, the reports that muammar gaddafi has been captured and may be dead. reportedly muammar gaddafi was captured when national transitional forces took control of his home town of certificate. they say he suffered injuries during the capture but we have not been able to confirm that yet. we will bring you reports on more on the military mission that led to muammar gaddafi's reported capture including the role of nato. meantime secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is still on that visit to afghanistan. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton said it's very important for the u.s. afghanistan and pakistan to cooperate against the insurgence. they called to get rid of the terrori
continues. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us this wednesday. october 12. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i am mike mibach in for dave clark. let's get a look at traffic and weather. we will have steve kick it off for us. >> thank you very much, mike and pam. we have mostly clear skies. lows are much, much cooler. down in the 50s for many. good to go for sunshine today. look like 70s and then low 80s. here's sal. >> good morning. you're looking at san rafael. this is a look at 101/580. traffic looks good. also this morning we're keeping an eye on the golden gate bridge where traffic is light. 6:00. let's go back to pam and mike. >>> taking their message to the streets. in about one hour the occupy movement in san francisco will march through the city's financial district. craig debro has been talking to demonstrators and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: many of you have may have heard that the occupy wall street crowd in new york city marched on the upper east side near some people's wealthy homes. right now everybody is camped out, i guess you could say, sleeping in front
, pittsburgh police are looking for the gunman who shot a nine- year-old girl at a birthday party, joining us with what police are doing now, paul? >> reporter: we are still waiting for additional word from police about this but we do know it was 30 family and friends when somebody shot four people including that nine-year- old party. >> there was a party going, there were kids and i heard fire crackers and i came to check and i heard the screaming and i first went over and the kids were crying and all that stuff -- >> reporter: this happened after 8:30 last night. pittsburgh police say two people wearing dark clothing walked up to this house and starting firing into the garage. now the shooters wounded a nine- year-old child under the able of 19 -- under the age of 19. two of the victims had to be airlifted to the hospital and are in critical condition however all four are expected to survive. police did not say anything about a motive so they are asking for your help. if you know anything about this you are asked to call the pittsburgh police and once again we expect to get word about this
about using it at work. >> he's like wow, you know, what's going on. and the whole time, he would like, you know, people at my job. and you know, he was messing with me. and then escaped to sunnyvale where he shot a woman as he tried to steal her car. where was allman during that 24 hours during the man hunt. was he here in the sunnyvale neighborhood the whole time, again, perhaps we will never know. later on this morning, quarry workers will be talking about the shooting and also discuss when they will perhaps return to work. we will of course be there and let you know what happens. we are live in sunnyvale, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> lehigh plant is paying their employees while the plant is closed and they will pay for the funerals of the three people shot dead. a long-time truck driver is talking about the shooting rampage. he was shot in the arm pretending to be dead. he told shareef allman he would no longer be there. >>> and they are a part of the occupied sf movement. we'll show you a live picture right now of market street. just last night, police moved in, breaking up the encam
demonstrator was not moved out. >>> police say he was pulled over for something that most of us do but he ended up killing someone. we will have more on the concord crash that the d.a. is now investigating. >>> making it easier to pay off those student loans. what president obama will announce today. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, october 26, i'm palm cook. >> we're ready. good morning. i am dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here's steve. >> we have some very thick fog for some. very cold temperatures. others are very windy and mild to warm. you could get almost a 20- degree spread between temperatures. once the fog burns off the wind is mainly in the higher elevations. high fire danger there. temperatures 60s and 70s with sunny skies after that fog burns off. here's sal. >> traffic is doing pretty well. there is a new accident in oakland that popped up westbound 580 at harrison. three cars blocking one of the lanes. the drivers are out of their vehicles. chp not yet on the scene. the richmond bridge traffic loo
the station. now we can take a look at video. this is what they were doing. this is the crane they used to reroute the train. now, here's a look at the point of impact. amtrak officials say around 10:00 last night the starlight train was struck by the san joaquin train. now, amtrak officials are telling us the accident is under investigation, and they're giving us little details about the incident. but they did tell oakland fire department more. >> the other train was traveling from san joaquin to bakersfield. the rain that was moving ran a red signal, according to amtrak representative. >> now, 17 people were injured. we actually caught up with one man who was on the train. here's what he had to say. >> she was standing up near the front and it knocked here clear back on her back back to me. i picked her up and got her on her feet and her hip was hurt. >> there were reports of 17 injuries to passengers that were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. >> it's unclear when amtrak service will resume, although they have a shuttle service to nearby stations. >>> this month marks the
channel 2 news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news morning news. >>> thank you for joining us on this tuesday, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark let's check your weather and traffic here is steve. >>> we have low clouds and fog though not strong enough to make it inland it will be cooler for many, still some lower 80s well away from the coast and 70s around the bay. more of a westerly breeze, here is sal. >>> marin county looks good heading south with no major problems on the rip month bridge -- richmond bridge, a little bit of fog may make it difficult to drive in southern marin county. >>> there was a gang fight inside richmond city hall and here is more on why the police are having trouble getting answers even though they solved this, good morning paul. >> reporter: that alleged brawl happened at city hall last friday and it happened dealing with known gang members and a city run utah facility here. according to publicked results -- published results, they were paid gang members to serve as they did for the group's end empowerment community program. things got tense whe
-new day, i am dave clark. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, let's check in with steve paulsen with a look at the weather. >> a lot of 40s this morning not just the north bay but the east bay as well, we will have high clouds and low clouds clear and breezy and 60s and s -- 70s, back to the news. >>> we have our developing news this morning, 90 minutes ago, police arrived in riot gear at the occupied oakland encampment where the protesters have refused to leave. allie rasmus joins us with the situation and it looks much calmer now, alley. >> reporter: it is calmer than it was ten minutes ago. franklin is a block south of ogawa plaza anded and the protesters are telling everybody to reconvert. there were 100 people converging and a dozen motorcycles showed up and pushed the crowd back. it appears the crowd that was here and protesters and supporters who had been here up until 10 minutes ago have dispersed or moved further south to 1st and webster and you go a couple of blocks more and you are getting closer to another area. but all of this started from about a block away from w
start and now we are learning the new 9ers stadium is opening early. telling us about a new target date discussed for the project, kraig? >> reporter: typically after a game, players arrive at the training facility and i just spoke with her, she said she and the team has been working on it for about a year and news of this puts the final groundbreaking back on track. the new proposed stadium will cost a billion dollars to construct and the -- construct and it is all coming from redevelopment agency money the team is working with the city on a financial plan and news that the team may be able to present this soon is putting it back on schedule. >> we are hoping to do it as soon as possible and it looks like it is coming before the end of the year. >> 49ers won again at candle stick park, this makes their record 6 and 1. it is one of the oldest football stadiums and in fact could not be built under guidelines that the nfl had proposed for teams and they simply have -- simply have rules if it was built to nfl standards and one of the other things we talked about, raiders have not contacte
morning. thank you for joining us on this friday, october 14th. i am pam cook. >> and dave clark has the day off. let's get a quick check. clear skies on this friday morning. 50s and 60s for lows. we will end up with sunshine. 7s, 80s, near 90 degrees. the weekend forecast coming up shortly. here's sal. >>> good morning. traffic is moving along well on northbound 280 up to highway 17 and beyond. and this morning, looking at southbound 680, that traffic looks nice. back to the desk. >>> this morning, there is an important warning for students at san jose state university. we have been talking to police this morning and joins us now with more information. craig. >> reporter: yeah, pam, i just spoke with police again this morning and they were able to confirm that third sex crime in two days. i want to show you down the way here, one of the crimes happened near clark hall. near the tommy smith and john statue. a student walking on campus reported being groped by two men on wednesday night. she told police the man rode up on two bike, groped her and then rode off. and police put out a cr
for joining us. it's friday, october 28th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. weather and traffic, here's steve. >> happy friday. clear skies, very calm and quiet. 50s for some. but a lot of 30s and 40s away from the coast. a lot of sunshine. 60s, 70s and mid- to upper 70s. >>> good morning traffic and moving along relatively well. somewhat surprising how well it's looking. i don't want to jinx it or anything, but looks good into the city. westbound on the bridge and also on the lower deck between san francisco and oakland. also this morning, the san mateo bridge out to the high- rise looks good. and no way, jr. problems on 101 or 28 when you get there. back to dave and pam. >>> the number of protesters ignoring the overnight curfew at oakland city hall is growing. several dozen are camped out this morning after a pretty tense late night appearance by the mayor of oakland. we are out there right now with the very latest. craig. >> reporter: yeah, dave, growing number of people who are camping out here, defying the 10:00 p.m. curfew. you saw the one tent yesterday. look how many ar
. temperatures are held in check by yesterday's hefty rain totals. far lesser other us but kind of a drizzlely day. high clouds are gone and that allowed the sun to burn off the deck. 61 to 64, everybody is on the mild category and everybody is itching to warm up. with a little sun it will happen easily and it will be a tropical feel, humidity is way up there and high pressure is coming in and will visit for a couple of days and still a lot of energy across the pacific and we will have a decrease in clouds after the drizzle. it is one of those rare days sonoma 74, vallejo 74, walnut creek 76, brentwood livermore 76 degrees, 76 in san jose and cupertino and 60s on the coast in the city low-to-mid 70s on the peninsular, palo alto, and loss at toes, warmer weather with your weekend always in view saturday will be a little cooler. >>> three senior citizens were landed in the emergency room why medical marijuana is to blame. >>> plus raiders back in los angeles, there are two reports that say it is a possibility. i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or
>>> >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday october 21st. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm kraig debro. >>> it will be sunny and warmer out there today. temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80s, 60s by the coast. here's sal. >>> traffic is moving well. it continues to look good all the way to downtown oakland. the morning commute looks good if you're driving in downtown san francisco. 6:01, let's go back to the desk. >>> parents should expect extra police patrols around schools today. tara moriarty tells us from concord high school, it's all in response to a new campus threat. >> reporter: we got off the phone with concord police a while ago and they tell us that the school district will be handling all calls on this matter. classes will not be starting until 8:00 this morning and police have pumped up their presence this morning. we notice patrols in and around the school on the street. there was a warning message issued by phone to parents. >> rest assured your child's safety is our top priority. we will have extra administrators for extra support. >>> now, t
us the next couple of hours could be very critical. >> good morning, lorraine >> reporter: good morning, i got off the phone with the coast guard. they have one big boat in the water searching tore tom gregoire. you will see more help as the light comes. >> it started yesterday at 3:30. the kayaking buddies said he was out celebrating recovering from throat cancer. it was directed in by a tugboat. and the kayak overturned and he never resurfaced. >> the coast guard said you can never be too careful out there. >> even with perfect conditions on the bay bay. >> anything can happen. that's why you need to be prepared. >> the next few hours are critical out here. when it is light out here. they will reassess. you may see another boat or helicopter. >> reporting live in san francisco. lorraine blanco. >>> an 18-year old woman is expected to survive. police say they got a report of a shooting victim in an apartment on newell court. there is before 10:00 last night. they found them suffering from a gunshot wound. police have not released any information on the suspect. >> time is 6:02.
,good morning to you, it is october 5th, i am dave clark. >>> thank you for joining us, we want to go right over to sal in cupertino. >>> well, dave there has been a multiple shooting in the cupertino hills in santa clara county and word came in about this about an hour ago and police are still searching reportedly for the gunman who is armed with not one but two weapons. we have reports and have confirmed two people have been killed and four people have been injured in a shooting that happened this morning. these are live pictures from news chopper 2 showing the area in cupertino which is the remote part of stevens creek just northwest of saratoga and southwest of cupertino near one of the reservoir there. -- reservoirs there. we will have a live report coming up shortly, a shooting in cupertino hills, two people have been confirmed dead or killed and four people have been injured and stay with ktvu channel 2 news, we will have more coming up. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. >>> we are also on storm watch this morning, a powerful storm pounded the bay area overnight and we have team coverage, s
could be a good thing. ktvu channel 2 news continues. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, it is tuesday october 4th, i am pam cook. >>> let's check weather and traffic steve, what is out there? >>> it looks to be giving way but still areas have light drizzle or rain, mostly cloudy skies and the next system will not take long to get here. i don't expect much of a break as clouds are already increasing. a stronger system comes in tonight. more on your traffic is sal. >>> interstate 880 traffic looking good coming passed the coliseum no major problems there. also traffic looks good if you are heading on the sunole grade heading south. >>> a shooting outside a hayward apartment complex, kraig debro is there at the scene and hayward police are now asking for your help in finding the gunman, good morning. >> reporter: police do not have any witnesses to this crime and they do want the public's help. behind me one lone squad car and i was told this morning people in the apartment perhaps maybe witnesses know something about the case and police are sitting on that apartment. we g
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21